Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida

Naples, The Paradise Coast

Mission: This is the closest World Market to me… stocking up

It took exactly 2 hours to get there. It was an easy shot a little south then straight West on 75. I had only one mission and that was to stock up on all the World Market goodies that I’ve been longing for since I moved to SoFlo from Chicago. All I did to research the area was Google the distance from my door to World Market, watch the Naples episode of Emeril’s Florida (a TV show where Emeril recommends Florida restaurants), and Google how far away Tin City was (a shopping destination my Mom told me about) .

Naples Restaurants

Emeril’s Naples recommendations were:

Oddly enough my friend was only given one recommendation on where to eat and it happened to be Osteria Tulia… done and done.  The food was absolutely amazing. I didn’t even set foot inside but was plenty in awe of the patio and all the charm it oozed. They started us off with complimentary bread and an eggplant and olive cappanatta. Then we split the Sargent Pepper Pizza and the ravioli special with asparagus. This place is a must stop on the Ave. The best part about choosing this location was it was on 5th Avenue. Low and behold… 5th Avenue South.

where to eat in Naples FloridaWhere to go shopping in Naples:

I am an absolute lover of boutique shopping and 5th Avenue South had it all. The beauty of this street on this perfect day, along with thTin City - Naples, FLe mix of small independent boutiques and commercial shops was perfect. Their website describes it as “Timeless charm. Downtown chic.” And I must agree. We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and picked up countless brochures Make sure to put this area on your list of things to do in Naples.

Tin City was right on the water, extremely touristy, but still a cute shopping market. I bought lots of different types of Alligator Jerky (Cajun, BBQ, original…), a book about shelling, some palm tree wine glasses and a few other things. Pinchers was there which was one of Emeril’s recommendations.

Our last stop, World Market. For those of you not familiar, it’s like a global bazar. Filled with everything from furniture to home accents to international food and drinks to clothing and jewelry from around the world. One stop shopping…

Travel size sriracha

Best Find of the Day:

Travel size sriracha bottle!

On My Next Visit to Naples:

  1. The beach – you will find completely different shells on the West coast
  2. Dinner – I heard food and the sunset at The Turtle Club is fabulous



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