Beating the Summer Heat

Beating the Summer Heat

Beach vs pool? As much as I love the sound of the waves and that ocean view, I will personally take the pool over this heat any day.

As much as I complain about the ridiculously high blasting air conditioning everywhere you go indoors, the truth is, it’s needed around here. The #1 way to survive SoFlo is to learn the key to beat the heat:
Flip flops – your feet will be scorching from the moment you hit the concrete or sand on SoFlo’s hot summer days
Sunscreen – Remember this is not like the sun up North, we’re dealing with tropical weather around here
Water – Feeling sluggish? Drink up! Don’t pass out walking down the street, it will sneak up on you flip flops keeping coolbefore you know it
A/C – Change your filter on a regular bases and keep that A/C running smoothly
Cooking – Cook outside to avoid turning the oven on and eat lighter so you don’t feel extra groggy
Clothes – Dress lighter but if you’re sensitive to the cold, bring a sweater for those indoor A/C’s
Swim Lessons – Then maybe you will actually get in the ocean to cool off (unlike me)

It’s kind of funny and ironic that in South Florida, a lot of outdoor activities like farmers markets, outdoor movies, street fairs… stop during the summer. Floridians know how to beat the summer heat!

The easiest advice would be to stay inside, but so many of us are from the North, so what fun would that be!


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