Pirate Fest, Boynton Beach

Pirate Fest, Boynton Beach

ARG!! It’s time for the annual October Pirate Fest

It wasn’t the most fabulous event I have attended in Boynton Beach. It was however free, great people watching, and something different.

I would like to say it was geared towards kids (which is mainly was) but there was plenty entertainment for adults as well.

  • Lots of local restaurants serving eats and drinks
  • Lots of booths with pirate gear for sale
  • Arts and crafts for sale
  • A pirate ships for kids to climb up and play in
  • Rock climbing
  • Magic shows
  • Several stages with different musical acts
  • Sword fighting
  • Mermaid tank (the only mermaid I saw)

Will it pop? Pirate Fest

Tinker Bell at Pirate FestKids Pirate Ship at Pirate Fest

Looking at the schedule I assure you there was a ton more activities then I listed here so I certainly didn’t witness them all. The people watching was definitely the best part of the afternoon. It was cool seeing randoms dressing up (mostly as pirates) and getting into the festivities. Of course with that your mind starts racing and starts thinking “man these people are weird” (not in a creepy way though).

The parking was not as much of a nightmare as you would think (I parked in the garage next to Two George’s), and you were able to walk around pretty easily. You should definitely check it out next year.

I give it:

a 2 starfish review

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