Hollywood Florida Beach Bubble

Hollywood Florida Beach Bubble

Hollywood Beach Bubble

I jokingly showed this Groupon to my visiting friend as something to do while she was here. I guess I should have known she was the type to say “holy, sh*t! We have to do that!”. I am not a water person at all but since we were celebrating her 40th, I couldn’t say no to the Hollywood Beach Bubble.

It was so cool. They have the ball on the the sand while you step inside of it then they use a vacuum thingy to blow it up. They advertise this thing as a sunrise or sunset workout session and a dry snorkeling adventure. Man were they right on both parts. We were flipping and falling all over the place trying to make the ball move and it was so awesome. You are in very shallow water so you could absolutely see the sand and everything in between.

A new water adventure awaits

A new water adventure awaits

You can only do this for 15-20 minutes at sunrise or sunset. They said it’s unbelievably hot in that ball and now speaking from experience, trust me, they’re right. This is a must do and if you wan to try something different or if you have guests in town looking for a quick adventure.

I do have to warn you though, if you get sea sick, I strongly encourage you to take some dramamine. It sounds silly but the way you are bouncing all around (even for just 15-20 min) if you get nauseas, you will regret not taking it!

I give it:

a 5 starfish review


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